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Auditoriums have been gathering and viewing places for theatrical performances, stage shows, performing arts, trainings and many other events since the beginning of civilization. Auditorium chairs have also evolved with the importance of comfort-oriented thinking in recent centuries and continue to be produced in accordance with today’s conditions.

With the increasing importance of individual preferences and socialization in recent centuries, we can say that auditorium halls have become even more important in human life. Movie theaters, theater halls, conference and lecture halls are more specific versions of auditorium halls. Auditorium seats are also sub-categorized in terms of comfort, functionality and design.

From movie theaters to conference halls, the comfort and functionality of auditorium seating plays a key role in providing a pleasant experience for all audiences.

Auditorium seats are produced with various color and design options. Because every person wants to make the project unique and wants the seating experience of the users to be at the highest level.

The first thing that those who want to buy a conference or auditorium chair should pay attention to is the durability of the product and the comfort it offers to the users. Although many products look very comfortable from the images, it would be a good option to test the comfort of the Auditorium chair before making a purchase decision. As Seatorium, we send sample auditorium chairs to our customers all over the world.

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What are the types of auditorium chairs

Auditorium chairs are categorized into many subcategories such as cinema, theater, conference hall, lecture hall, stadium.

Cinema chair is the general name of the chairs used in movie theaters. Cinema chairs usually have cup holders. It is produced to ensure maximum comfort of the user with dense sponge. Armrest tops are usually made of plastic.

Theater chairs are the general name of chairs used in places where theater shows are held. It is the design of the armrests that distinguishes theater seats from others. Theater seats, which generally use wooden armrests, are also produced for the maximum comfort of the audience.

Conference chairs are auditorium chairs designed for all people to focus on the subject being explained during a presentation or training. With their ergonomic designs and comfortable structures, they are designed to prevent back or lower back pain in users even during long-lasting events. Conference chairs are produced as standard and VIP.

Lecture hall chairs (also called lecture chairs) are seats that provide students with a comfortable seating experience during lessons. Lecture halls usually have tables in front of the seats. However, many lecture chairs has a writing table. Lecture chairs with writing table are ideal for exam rooms and seminar rooms.

Stadium chairs are the general name for seats used in outdoor and even indoor sports halls. Plastic raw material is frequently used in stadium chairs. This is because stadiums are usually built for outdoor sports. Plastic is also the most resistant material to all weather conditions.

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All auditorium chairs are produced for a comfortable seating experience. The seats used in auditorium seating have different characteristics. As Seatorium, we manufacture seats for our customers’ auditorium hall, performing arts halls such as theater and cinema, conference halls and lecture halls projects. You can contact our team for more information about our products and services.

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