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Stadium seating is the seating arrangement used in indoor or outdoor stadiums, usually used for sporting events, performing arts such as outdoor concerts, and large-scale events. Stadium seating allows thousands of people to watch a sporting event or concert at the same time.

What is Stadium Seating?

Stadium seating is a type of seating where rows are much more frequent than in other types of auditorium seating. The purpose of such frequent rows is to accommodate the maximum number of people. Each row is placed higher than the row in front of it, so that all audiences can see the stage or area. Click here to reach our stadium seat models.

Stadium seats, also called arena chairs or arena seats are the general name for seats with many different characteristics. In stadiums, seats made entirely of plastic are often preferred. This is due to low cost, weather resistance and durability.

Plastic Stadium Chairs

Plastic stadium chairs can be offered in many different designs and features. The types of these stadium seats, which are fixed to the ground with screws, are as follows.

Fixed Bleacher Seats (with two, three or four fixing ports)
Folding Tribune Seats
Shell Seats Fixed with Metal Brackets

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Fixed Bleacher Seats

Fixed bleacher seats (also called shell seats) are floor-mounted seats with several anchor points. There are also models with or without back rests. Models without backrests are the most affordable versions. Before purchasing, make sure that the plastic stadium chair you plan to buy is sun and impact resistant. As Seatorium, we manufacture our products to be resistant to all weather conditions and vandalism.

Folding Tribune Seats

Folding seats are a great way to save space. Back-mounted or floor-mounted models offer maximum durability for many years of use. Some of these models can also have a plastic cup holder.

Shell Seats Fixed with Metal Brackets

In this type of arena and stadium seats, the seats are fixed to the floor with metal brackets. Plastic stadium chairs are frequently used in open sports halls of universities.

Stadium Seats Models

Other Stadium Seats

Bench seats

The bench seats are produced to provide maximum comfort for the players with their dense sponge structure. With additional ergonomic solutions such as lumbar support and neck support, they ensure that players are always ready for the game.

Upholstered models are more preferred in these seats used in closed areas. Plastic material is preferred for chairs used in open areas.

VIP & Protocol Seats

These types of seats are designed for important people who come to watch the game or show. These stadium chairs, which usually have a cup holder, maximize comfort with dense sponge and ergonomic design.

In the VIP stands of stadiums, VIP seats with dense sponge are used. These seats, which are used to provide maximum comfort, should be preferred indoors to avoid being affected by rain.

Some of Our Bench & VIP & Protocol Seats Models

There are some points to be considered during the planning phase of seating in stadium. Determining emergency evacuation routes, special seats for disabled audience and location of these seats, good planning of cables or barriers that may adversely affect the viewing perspectives of the audience are important details for a perfect seating planning.

Arena Vs Stadium

While the seats used in a stadium and arena are generally similar, there are some differences between arena and stadium.

Stadiums are venues for outdoor sports competitions such as soccer, American football, or athletics. Stadiums consist of bleachers spread over a large area and are one with the field.

Arenas are indoor or semi-indoor venues. They are often used for indoor sports, theater performances, concerts, and other entertainment events.

In arena seating, upholstered seats are more preferred. However, since stadiums host outdoor events, plastic chairs are more preferred.

Commercial Stadium Seats Manufacturer

As Seatorium, we manufacture commercial stadium seats in European standards. We exported our stadium seats to 57 countries, which have many certificates and certificates of conformity. What makes Seatorium special among stadium seating suppliers is that it offers seating solutions at competitive prices without compromising product quality.

We are always with our customers in all processes from the planning stage to after-sales support. We offer our stadium and arena seats, which we apply all tests such as flammability tests, UV tests, durability tests, to our customers with our competitive price policy. Please contact our team for more information and reference projects.

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