What is a Lecture Theatre?

A “lecture theatre” or “lecture hall,” is a venue usually used for large capacity educational or lecture activities. Lecture theaters are places where students or audiences gather toAkon Series - Y60-1 Model - Auditorium, Theater Chair - Dimensions, Price listen to lectures or watch presentations given by a teacher, professor or speaker. Lecture theaters are usually located in educational or meeting venues such as universities, colleges, schools, conference centers.

Comfort in Lecture Theatre seating (also called lecture hall seating) is critical. Students need to focus on the teacher, professor or speaker during the lecture or presentation. For this reason, lecture hall chairs should provide a comfortable seating experience.

Lecture Hall Seating

Lecture hall seating is the totality of the seating, lecture chairs, and acoustics that make up the entire lecture or meeting hall. Lecture hall seating should have both a dense row arrangement to achieve high capacity and a row arrangement that is spacious enough not to detract from the seating experience.
Shared armrests are often preferred in lecture room or lecture hall seating. If there is a table in front of the chairs, models without armrests should be preferred both to save costs and to increase seating capacity. In addition, safe exit routes should be planned when arranging lecture hall seating.

Lecture Hall Chairs

With nearly 20 years of production experience, we manufacture lecture hall chairs for lecture theaters. In addition to ergonomic design and high comfort, we are at your side for all your university, college and conference hall projects with our lecture hall chairs with long life-span.As Seatorium, we offer all the solutions you may need for your lecture theatre projects with our plastic, wooden and armrest lecture hall seats models.

Lecture Theatre Seating Models
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Lecture Theater is the hall where lectures and presentations are held in universities, schools and all educational institutions. Lecture hall chairs are used in these halls, also called lecture halls. Like the upholstered models used in amphitheatres, seats made of wood are also frequently preferred.

Lecture theater seating is a whole of seats, seating arrangement and hall design. The seating arrangement should be arranged according to the acoustics and viewing angle that will enable all students to listen to the lecture and presentation in the most efficient way.

The most important feature of these seats, also called lecture hall seats, is to offer students a comfortable seating experience during lectures and presentations.

As with every seat type, there are many options for lecture seats, from economical lecture chairs to luxury lecture seats. Lecture hall seating prices vary depending on the projects and required features. While affordable lecture chairs have a standard fabric and sponge density, flame retardant fabric, fabric type, sponge density, armrest type and material cause changes in lecture chair prices.

As Seatorium, we have been manufacturing lecture hall seats and auditorium seats for all our customers’ projects such as schools, universities and educational institutions for nearly 20 years.