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In a general sense, auditoriums can be defined as venues for cultural events, educational activities, conferences and various events such as cinema, theater shows, performing arts. Auditorium seating is the totality of the seats, seating arrangements and the overall design of the auditorium theater halls. Places where performing arts such as movie theaters and theater halls are performed are also described as auditorium halls. In addition, conference halls, lecture halls in schools or universities are also included in this term. The difference in definitions is due to the additional apparatus and design differences of the seats.

Auditorium Seating

What is Auditorium Seating?

Auditorium seating is the session planning that allows the audience to sit comfortably throughout the show or event, as well as to see the stage with a good viewing angle. Focusing on these details when planning auditorium seating creates a productive process for both the hall owner and the audience in the long run.

Types of Seats Used in Auditorium Seating

Auditorium seating is designed to provide maximum comfort and an efficient seating experience for audiences and students. The types of seats used in auditorium halls are as follows.

Theater Seats

Theater seats are special seats that aim for maximum comfort of the theater audience by using soft sponges, usually consisting of curved wooden armrests for a more natural appearance. These seats, also called theater chairs, are frequently used in theater and concert halls and offer an aesthetic appearance.

Some of Seatorium Theater Seats

Conference Chairs

Conference chairs usually have a simpler design. They are designed to support ergonomic sitting and are produced to provide a comfortable session experience with the use of dense sponge. These seats, also called conference chairs, are used in educational halls, seminar and congress centers, meeting halls or religious buildings. In these seats, which generally use plastic armrests and back-bottom acoustic covers, wooden and fully upholstered models are also preferred.
Conference chairs may also have a writing table option, making it easier for the audience to take notes during the presentation.

Some of Seatorium Conference Seats

Cinema Seats

Cinema seats are seats that are produced for complete comfort and for the audience to focus completely on the movie during the movie. These seats, also called movie theater seats, usually have a cup holder. In movie theater chairs, armrest tops are made of plastic material because they can be easily shaped. The plastic armrests are also upholstered for a more aesthetic and comfortable look.

Some of Seatorium Cinema Seats

Stadium Seats in Auditorium Seating

The general name of the seats used in stadium seating is stadium seats. In huge arenas and stadiums, plastic seats are often preferred due to cost and vandalism. Stadium seats that can be mounted on the ground may not have a back rest. Upholstered stadium chairs are preferred in university sports halls and VIP stadiums. Of course, as with every sitting, the features of the desired seat may vary from business to business. As Seatorium, the leading auditorium chair manufacturer, we offer the best solutions for all auditorium and stadium seating with years of production experience.

Some of Seatorium Stadium Seats

How Should the Seating Arrangement in Auditoriums Be?

The seating arrangement in auditorium halls should be planned to ensure that the audience gets the best viewing angle and experiences the event in the best way. In a good auditorium seating plan, the viewer on the far right and the viewer on the far left should have the best view of the stage or area. Taking into account the size of the hall, sloping floors should be created and detailed calculations should be made.

Also, the number of spectators that can be accommodated in the auditorium hall should be carefully calculated. In a good seating arrangement, safe escape areas and secondary exit routes during peak exit times should be determined in advance. Furthermore, the auditorium seating arrangement is designed to ensure that all audiences have the best sound experience.

A good auditorium is an event or training space that offers comfort, visibility, and the best sound experience. Contact Seatorium, the manufacturer of auditorium seats, to get support in this regard and to have the most suitable seats produced for your auditorium seating project.


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