Audience Seating Systems

Audience seating systems cover all seating arrangements from large auditoriums to movie theaters, from performing arts halls to large stadiums. Audience seating systems are a well-planned seating arrangement, a selection of audience seats to meet the needs and all other technical details.

Audience Seats

Fixed Audience Seating: Auditorium Seating

Although auditorium halls are a general concept, they can be described as areas where large meetings are held, shows are watched or presentations are made.

Auditorium seats are the seats used in such halls, also called fixed audience seating. Of course, every audience wants to experience maximum comfort. However, the hall owner or purchasing specialist should determine the budget required for an Auditorium project. And in line with the determined budget, the Auditorium seat should be chosen as the best alternative.

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Cinema and Theater Seats

Cinema and theater halls, which are the areas where art meets the audience, are the areas where performance arts are presented. The biggest expectation of the audience in cinema and theater halls is a comfortable cinema seat and a good movie or theater show.

Theater and cinema seats have a denser design than other auditorium seats. Theater seats have more curved armrests. Cinema seats usually have a cup holder.

Stadium Seats

Stadiums are the venues for huge organizations, football competitions and other large-scale events. Stadium seating must be planned very well. Safe escape areas, areas for disabled spectators should be built and the slope of the area where the stadium seats will be installed should be calculated very well. The main thing in spectator seating systems is certainly comfort. However, since stadiums usually host outdoor organizations, upholstered or sponge models are not preferred in stadiums. In addition, stadium seats made of plastic are more preferred because they are more resistant to vandalism.

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