Conference Hall Seating : Conference Seats & Tips

Conference hall seating is a whole of seats, seating arrangement and design used in areas where many activities such as education and presentations are carried out. Conference chairs are preferred in universities, seminar halls, congress centers and meeting rooms.  This term, which is also used as conference room seating, is used in large halls, so it would be more efficient to call it conference hall seating.

What is a Conference Hall Seat?

Conference hall seats are seats manufactured to provide maximum comfort for the audience during the presentation or education. In conference seating, unlike a movie or a theater show, the audience is focused on getting the most efficient information from the presentation. Therefore, they expect to have a comfortable experience throughout the sitting time, free from any distracting noises.

These special seats, also known as conference chairs, have dense sponges on the back and bottom. They are also ergonomic and allow the audience to focus on the presentation.

Some of Seatorim Conference Seat Models

Why is Conference Style Seating Important?

Many different models can be preferred for conference seating. While dense sponge models are preferred in convention centers, simpler seats are preferred in university or seminar halls. In conference style seating, the rows are not as consecutive as in movie theaters. The passageways between the rows are more frequent (e.g. 4x4x4). The reason for this is to prevent people entering or leaving the hall while the presentation is in progress from disturbing the focus of other people. In summary, offering a more spacious seating arrangement in conference seating increases efficiency.

Types of Conference Hall Seats

Many different models can be preferred for conference hall seating. Many options are offered by auditorium chair manufacturers according to the budget of your project and your needs. Simple looking chairs are sold at more attractive prices, while elegant chairs with plenty of sponge have a high price tag.

Standard Conference Chair

The standard conference chair is a good alternative for low budget projects offering sufficient comfort. These chairs with plastic armrests and back-bottom acoustic covers are frequently used in conference rooms. There are also options with compartments under the armrests. These types of chairs are frequently used in lecture halls, seminar rooms, and meeting rooms. Conference chairs with writing tables are also included in this category. If you are looking for an affordable conference chair, conference chairs with plastic writing boards are a good option for you.

Standart Conference Chairs & Writing Table

VIP Conference Chairs

VIP conference chairs are produced to offer people maximum comfort. The back, bottom and armrests have dense sponges. For a more premium look, wood material can also be preferred on the armrests. VIP conference chairs are frequently preferred in VIP conference halls, congress and business centers. These seats, which have a higher price tag than standard models, offer a stylish design and comfortable seating experience.

VIP Conference Room Seats

Where else are Conference Chairs used?

Conference chairs have a wide range of uses as they are manufactured in many different models. You can even see these chairs used in some performing arts halls. Since many auditorium chairs have similar features, it is natural to use them in different venues.

The distinct difference that sets conference chairs apart is that they often come with a writing table. The reason why they are frequently used in seminar halls, university and school halls, and exam halls is that they have writing tables that come out from the inside, open to the side or behind the seat.

In summary, conference chairs are frequently used in all educational institutions, municipal halls, government buildings, congress areas, religious venues, meeting rooms of companies.

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Some of Our References

Conference halls are halls where meetings and presentations are held in universities, municipal buildings and all educational institutions. Conference hall chairs are used in these halls, also called Meeting Hall.

Conference hall seating is a whole consisting of seats, conference hall seating arrangement and hall design. The seating should be arranged according to the acoustics and viewing angle that will allow all audiences to listen to the meeting and presentation in the most efficient way.

The most important feature of these seats, also called meeting room chairs, is that they offer a comfortable seating experience during meetings and presentations.

As with every type of seat, there are many options for conference chairs, from economical conference chairs to luxury conference chairs. Conference hall seat prices vary according to projects and desired features. While affordable conference hall seats have a standard fabric and sponge density, flame retardant fabric, fabric type, sponge density, armrest type and material cause changes in conference chair prices.

As Seatorium, we have been manufacturing conference hall seats and auditorium seats for all our customers’ projects such as conference rooms, universities and educational institutions for almost 20 years.