As Seatorium, the leading auditorium and cinema theatre chairs manufacturer, we are proud to bring our seats specially designed for theater halls to art lovers for years.

Cinema Theatre Chair

Cinema theatre chairs manufactured by Seatorium color your stage with their designs that combine aesthetics and comfort in the most perfect way. Each seat offers the audience ample seating and support, allowing them to enjoy the performance to the fullest.

We have been working with many architects and business people for years. We know very well the expectations of a theater hall owner or architect from the project, the features they are looking for in the products and their sensitivity to cost.

We offer you all options for your theater hall projects with our mass production seats and special production seats. As Seatorium, we aim to add value to theater halls and make your projects more special.

Theater seats are a combination of durability, aesthetics and comfort. Each seat promises many years of trouble-free use. Contact a sales specialist for detailed information and price requests!

Cinema & Theatre Chairs

Auditorium Seating

Auditorium Seating İstanbul Yıldız University Auditorium Seating - Seatorium™'s Auditorium Auditorium seating is the most general name of the seating used in performing arts halls such as theater, cinema, as well as in event areas such as conference halls and stadiums. So when you look for a theater seat manufacturer for a theater hall built

Audience Seating Systems

Audience Seating Systems Audience seating systems cover all seating arrangements from large auditoriums to movie theaters, from performing arts halls to large stadiums. Audience seating systems are a well-planned seating arrangement, a selection of audience seats to meet the needs and all other technical details. Audience Seats Quick View ALMERA A10 Quick View ALTEZA A10

Cinema Seating

Cinema Seating: Cinema & Movie Theater Seats What is Cinema Seating? Movie theaters are spaces where movie sessions are held. Cinema seating is the totality of cinema seats, seating arrangement and general design. Cinema seats usually have a cup holder. These seats, also called cinema chairs, are produced for the maximum comfort of the cinema

Performing Art Centers

Browse movie theater & cinema seating models. Cinema seats, movie theater seats, theater chairs, cinema chairs are available. Movie theater seats, which have become increasingly popular in recent years, are now offered in many different designs and features. What makes movie theater seating special is that it offers maximum comfort, as well as a cup

Auditorium Chair Types

Auditorium Chairs & Auditorium Chair Types Auditoriums have been gathering and viewing places for theatrical performances, stage shows, performing arts, trainings and many other events since the beginning of civilization. Auditorium chairs have also evolved with the importance of comfort-oriented thinking in recent centuries and continue to be produced in accordance with today's conditions. With

Theater Hall Seating

What is Theater Hall Seating? Theater halls are special places where theater performances and events are held and art meets the audience. Theater audience seating systems are special seating types that allow all audiences to see the stage from the best angles and offer a comfortable seating experience. Art is aesthetics. For this reason, theater