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İstanbul Yıldız University Auditorium Chairs - Seatorium™'s Auditorium

İstanbul Yıldız University Auditorium Seating – Seatorium™’s Auditorium

Auditorium seating is the most general name of the seating used in performing arts halls such as theater, cinema, as well as in event areas such as conference halls and stadiums. So when you look for a theater seat manufacturer for a theater hall built in your city, you can see that the seat required for your project is called auditorium seating.

Auditorium Seats

Auditorium seating can have different names according to many features and usage areas. In audience seating projects, many models can be preferred according to predetermined requests and needs. The naming of auditorium seats according to their usage areas is as follows.
Theater seats : These are the seats used in theater halls. Theater seats have stylish designs because theater halls are an art center. They are offered in many models from economical theater chairs to luxury theater seats.
Cinema seats : The most obvious difference that distinguishes cinema seats from others is the cup holders. Of course, cup holders can also be used in other auditorium seating, but cup holders are the most preferred thing in cinema seating. Cinema chairs are manufactured to offer maximum comfort to the audience during the movie.
Conference & Congress & Seminar Chairs : Conference chairs are seats used in educational institutions, meeting rooms of companies, lecture hall seating. Conference chairs may have a writing table depending on the intended use. Conference chairs with writing trays make it easier for users to take notes during training or events. Seminar chairs have similar features. Since seminar seats are used entirely in halls for educational purposes, models with writing trays are preferred.
Seats for the congress center are used in parliaments as well as congress centers. In addition to economical congress seats, congress seats with dense sponge and stylish design can be preferred according to your project.
Lecture Hall Seats : Lecture hall seats are seats used in educational institutions such as universities, schools, colleges. Lecture hall or amphitheater seating can also be preferred as a shared armrest or adjacent seat layout according to the seating plan.
Stadium Seats : Stadium seats are the general name of seats used in large stadiums. Plastic stadium chairs are preferred for stadium seating. This is because plastic is the most suitable material against weather conditions, as well as being easy to clean and the most anti-vandalism material. Upholstered stadium seats are also preferred in covered stadiums or VIP & Press sections.
Arena Seats : Arena seats are used in large event areas, indoor sports halls, stadiums and multi-purpose halls. Arena seats are manufactured to offer higher comfort than stadium seats.
Worship Seats : Worship seats are special seats used in church seating, chapel and other worship areas. Worship seats are designed and manufactured to provide a comfortable seating experience for the congregation during worship.
Retractable Seats : Retractable seats are seats used in seating systems that can be opened and closed according to the need. The seats used in stadium and arena seating are also used in retractable seating due to their size advantage. ,
Multipurpose Seats : Multi-purpose seats are seats with standard features that can be used for all kinds of events. Economic multi-purpose seats may have enough features for your project. These seats, which are the most standardized version of the seats used in auditorium seating, are offered at more affordable prices.

As Seatorium, the manufacturer of auditorium seats, we offer solutions for all kinds of event hall and auditorium seating projects with our 20 years of production experience. You can organize a face-to-face or online meeting with our expert project team to get the information and advice you need.
You can check our website in detail for our auditorium chairs models, theater and cinema hall models.

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Auditoriums are the general name of halls suitable for performing arts, concerts, conferences, etc. Auditoriums have been used to watch performances since ancient Roman times.

Auditorium seating is a combination of seats, seating arrangement and hall design. Auditorium seating should be arranged according to the acoustics and viewing angle that will allow all audiences to listen to the show and presentation in the most efficient way.

The most important feature of these seats, also called auditorium chairs, is to provide a comfortable seating experience to the audience during a show, meeting or presentation.

As with every seat type, auditorium seats are available in many options, from economical auditorium chairs to luxury auditorium seats. auditorium theatre seating prices vary according to the projects and features needed. While affordable auditorium chairs have a standard fabric and sponge density, flame retardant fabric, fabric type, sponge density, armrest type and material cause changes in auditorium chairs prices.

As Seatorium, we have been manufacturing auditorium theater seats and theater seats for all projects of our customers such as auditorium, theater, cinema, conference hall seating for nearly 20 years.