Theater Seats

Theatrical seating is the whole of the seating arrangement and theater seats in the theater hall. Theater seating is the best alternative for the audience with its stylish appearance as well as the additional comfort they offer.

What is Theatrical Seating?

Theater halls are special places where theater performances and events are held and art meets the audience. Theater seating systems are special seating types that allow all audiences to see the stage from the best angles and offer a comfortable seating experience. Art is aesthetics. For this reason, theater chairs are seats with design value compared to other auditorium chairs.

Theater Chairs

Theater seats are stylish looking seats with curved wooden armrests and comfortable structure that allow theater audiences to give their full focus to the stage. In addition to all other auditorium seats, they offer a natural and aesthetic appearance. Upholstered theater seats are seats that use upholstery even in the back-bottom part. According to the design of the theater hall, seats with wooden, plastic or upholstered acoustic covers are the heroes of theatrical seating.

Theater Seat Armrest Types

Armrests are the parts on the right and left sides of the seats that provide arm rests for the audience. You can choose from three different types of armrests depending on budget or design requirements.

No Compartment Armrests: Compartmentless armrests are the most cost-effective type of armrest. There is no box under the arm rest.

Half Compartment Armrest: This type of armrest is the most preferred. The compartment extends to the area where the user sits. At the bottom, the seat has legs.

Full Compartment Armrest: This type of armrest is often used in theater seating. In this armrest type, which provides a more premium look, there is a box extending from the armrest to the floor. Thus, in addition to offering a more elegant appearance, the shaking problem of the chairs is also eliminated.

As Seatorium, we have exported and are exporting seats to more than 57 countries. The reason why our customers prefer us is not only our product quality but also the fact that we make special productions for theatrical seating projects. In addition to color, fabric, armrest type customization, we can also customize designs in high volume projects. Thus, you can get the theater chair you need at the most competitive prices and high quality.

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