It can be said that fixed theater seating is a definition that refers to fixed theater seating arrangements but has a wide usage and meaning. Fixed Theater Seating is frequently used in theaters, concert halls, movie theaters and similar performing arts or show venues. In addition to fixing the seats in terms of stability, the fact that the seats do not shake significantly increases the comfort of the audience.

Bağlarbaşı Cultural Center Auditorium Project - Seatorium™'s Auditorium

Bağlarbaşı Cultural Center Auditorium Project – Seatorium™’s Auditorium

Fixed Theater Seating

Fixed seating is the general name for the seating arrangement in auditoriums, performing arts halls and educational institutions. Theater chairs and cinema chairs should be stable during a performance so that all audience members have the best possible view of the stage or film. This also prevents the audience from sitting irregularly.
Movie theater chairs are manufactured using high density sponges for high comfort. In fixed audience seating, we can say that it is vital that the slope of the hall is calculated in detail and that the backrests of the movie theater seats planned to be purchased do not affect the viewing angle of the viewers in the back row. Since fixed seating manufacturers know this detail, they carefully examine their customers’ projects and offer the most suitable suggestions. As Seatorium, we manufacture products according to the demands of our customers with our fixed theater seating and fixed auditorium seating solutions. With nearly 20 years of production experience, we offer the most competitive solutions for your demands such as theater chairs for sale, movie theater chairs for sale.

The point that makes fixed seating critical is product durability. In almost auditorium seating, shared armrest seating is used to increase capacity. Auditorium seats are also fixed to the floor with their right and left side legs (sometimes with a single center leg).
In summary, the two points to be considered in fixed theater seating are the viewpoint of the audience and the durability of the products. If you do not work with an experienced auditorium chair manufacturer, after a few years the products may have problems and you may have to look for auditorium chairs for the whole hall again. For this reason, doing a good research during the purchase phase and taking a look at the reference projects of the manufacturers will save both cost and time for you. Check out Seatorium Fixed Theater Seating products.

Fixed Theater Seats
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Seatorium is a company based in Turkey which has been specialized for fixed and highend seats for public areas. Seatorium’s mission is to provide the best seating solutions for Multipurpose Spaces, Conference Rooms, Convention Centers, Concert Halls & Auditoriums, Parliement Buildings, Multipurpose Macro-spaces, Sport Stadiums, Theaters, Movie Theaters & Cinemas, Airports & Stations, Universities& Schools, Ferries & Cruise Ships, Hotels & Conventions, Clinics & Hospitals, Religious Centers. Therefore Seatorium has constituted a perfect production and organizational structure to procure well designed top-quality seats. With an experience of supplying Auditorium Chairs & all kinds of Seating Solutions to five continents since 2005, Seatorium is competent to provide exactly what you need in a right delivery time. With its flexible Team and individual and custom production capability, Seatorium is also open for custom requests. At the same time Seatorium project department is ready to find the best solution with best matching seat for your specific field. You’re at the right address for high quality theatre chairs, comfortable cinema seatings, durable stadium chairs, high-end fixed chairs with hundreds of variants available.

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Theaters are specially designed spaces in which all kinds of performances can be staged, with a stage and seating for the audience.

Theater seating is a whole consisting of seats, theater seating and hall design. Seating should be arranged according to the acoustics and viewing angle that will allow all audiences to watch the show in the most efficient way.

The most important feature of these seats, also called theatre seats, is that they offer the audience a comfortable seating experience during the show.

As with every type of seat, there are many options for theater chairs, from economical theater chairs to luxury theater seats. Theater hall seat prices vary according to projects and desired features. While affordable theatre hall seats have a standard fabric and sponge density, flame retardant fabric, fabric type, sponge density, armrest type and material cause changes in theater chair prices.

As Seatorium, we have been manufacturing theater hall seats and auditorium seats for all our customers’ projects such as theater halls, fixed theatre seating and performance arts halls for almost 20 years.