Indoor Seating

Indoor seating is a type of seating used in school and high school gyms, arenas where sports competitions take place, and multi-purpose halls. Indoor bleachers is also the name given to the chairs used in these areas.

Comfort is not the main focus in indoor seating layouts. Because the number of spectators in sports halls or arenas is very high. It will be enough to save on seat costs and provide a minimum level of comfort.

Indoor seating

Of course, upholstered models can be preferred in VIP sections. However, generally all arena chairs are made of plastic. Wooden models may also be preferred in some gyms. However, plastic is the most preferred, cheapest and most durable material. In case of any breakage or scratching, it does not cost much to buy a new one.

Indoor bleacher seat types used in arena seating can be offered in many different models. For example, indoor bleacher seat models generally do not have armrests or backrests. In some areas of arenas or stadiums, models with backrests and armrests as well as models with cup holders can be preferred. Backless models are preferred for indoor gymnasium seating. The reason for this is to create a cost advantage and to use the space more efficiently, since high quantities are involved. Most of the models used in indoor bleacher seatsare mounted on the floor with screws and are suitable for many years of use.

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