Bleacher Seating

Leading the Market for Bleacher Seating

Our clients were asking for bleachers. So, our management decided to include production of bleachers system under Seatorium™ brand.

Our bleachers seating system are being used in school halls, sport halls, auditorium halls, gymnasiums and many other premises.

Bleachers Seating Systems are Practical

The main benefit of benches or traditional bleachers are that they don’t have defined seats and so they are suitable for all shapes and sizes of people. Bleachers systems are ideal for children of different age who don’t take up a whole seat and also suit adults.

Bleachers Seating Solutions are Cost Effective

Bench seating is perfect for venues with tight budgets as they provide flexibility at a lower cost than a structure with individual seats.

Appreciate Each Other

Many governmental institutions put Seatorium™ model names in their official procurement and tender conditions now. This proudful level that Seatorium has reached is beyond any expression

Our brand is particularly known at the highest level among the global companies and
international community for excellence in the execution of cinemas, convention centres,
theatres, stadiums, sport halls, gymnasium and all auditorium-related premises. We have been selected! Our clients all over the world have selected us to design and manufacture innovative fixed, mobile and retractable seating solutions for their projects. Thanks for appreciating long years of our efforts.