Bleacher Seating

Basketball bench chairs are the general name for chairs that are suitable for use in basketball courts, arenas, high school and school gyms, and all indoor seating. Basketball bench chairs are usually made of plastic. In this way, they have a more durable structure and are sold at more affordable prices. Like other bleachers, the main purpose of the seats is to provide a pleasant sitting experience while watching an event, rather than finding very high quality comfort.

Basketball bench chairs

Although basketball bench chairs are a general term, these types of seats are generally called basketball bleacher seats. These types of seats are used in stadiums, arenas, ceremony areas, poolsides and all multi-purpose halls. Therefore, it has a very wide usage area. Basketball bleacher seats are offered in many different models. Models without armrests and backrests are preferred in many arenas. It can also be used on VIP, upholstered bleacher seats in the same arena.

These seats are usually mounted on concrete or wooden floors and are mounted on the floor with screws. Thus, in addition to being durable for many years, it does not cause any problems such as shaking or tilting.

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