Seatorium auditorium chair with writing pad are perfect for your project! Thanks to auditorium seats with writing pad, participants and students can easily take notes in classrooms, lecture halls and conference halls. They are also called auditorium chairs with writing tablet and auditorium chairs with writing table.

Auditorium chair with writing pad , which are frequently used in lecture hall seating, are manufactured to make it easier for students or listeners to take notes and provide additional comfort during lectures and presentations.

In addition, auditorium seats with writing table, which are frequently preferred in seminar halls, meeting halls and amphitheatres, are offered in two ways: plastic or wooden. You can also choose between internal-mounted (table is inside the arm) and side-folding models. Auditorium seat with writing pad prices vary depending on the model preferred. Models with plastic and side-folding writing trays are more affordable than others.

You can contact us for detailed datasheet for auditorium seat dimensions and writing table dimensions.

With years of manufacturing experience, you can have the most suitable alternatives for lecture theatre seating projects and conference hall projects with the quality of the Seatorium brand. You can contact us for your sample auditorium seats writing pad requests and ask us your questions about your project.