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Audience chairs are the name given to all seats in general, from large auditoriums to movie theaters, from performing arts halls to large stadiums. Audience seating systems are a well-planned seating arrangement, selection of appropriate audience seats and all other technical details.

Audience chairs have different models according to the design, capacity and needs of the hall. For example, while a stadium audience seat is generally made of plastic, theater and cinema seats are manufactured using dense sponge with wooden armrests to provide a more comfortable sitting experience. In summary, audience seats are a general term.

Audience Chairs

Although auditorium halls are a general concept, they can be described as areas where large meetings are held, shows are watched or presentations are made. A perfect seating project can be realized when audience chairs are selected according to the capacity and needs of the auditoriums.

Audience seating systems can have many different mechanisms. For example, retractable seating can be used in university sports fields. However, there is a fixed seating arrangement throughout the venues. Fixed audience seat, fixed to the floor with screws, should be positioned to view the stage or show from the best angles.

The biggest advantage of audience seat is that, in addition to the comfort they offer, they offer a good option for every budget with many model alternatives. For example, seats made of plastic (usually stadium seats and armrest covers – back and bottom covers of normal auditorium seats) are much more affordable. However, seats made of wood or with dense sponge are sold at higher prices.

Audience seats (also called auditorium seats) are the seats used in such halls. Of course, every viewer wants to experience maximum comfort. However, the hall owner or purchasing specialist must determine the budget required for an auditorium project. In line with the determined budget, the auditorium seat should be chosen as the best alternative.

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