Indoor Bleacher Seating

Indoor bleacher seating, also known as retractable, telescoping or inclined seating, is a type of seating system that can be folded when not in use. There are also fixed mounted types.

Indoor Bleacher Chair

Thanks to retractable seating, it is possible to create more floor space for other activities after an event. This seating is often used in university halls or multi-purpose halls.

There are two different types of indoor bleacher seating: fixed or retractable. The biggest advantage of retractables is that they increase space efficiency. A lhall can be turned into a concert area after a basketball game. This is a great feature for both wide and narrow halls.

Many different bleacher chairs can be used in seating. Bleacher chairs, which are generally produced from plastic raw materials, are therefore very durable. Since they are plastic, they easily adapt to the ambiance of the hall with a wide range of color options.

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Bleacher Seating

Among the indoor bleacher chairs types, it is not difficult to choose the model that best suits your stadium or hall. In general, the types are as follows. Bleacher chair with arms, bleacher chair with back support and bleacher chair with no arms or back support. For retractable seating, models without backrests and armrests are preferred. The reason for this is to avoid any jamming problems when opening and closing the mechanism.

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