Auditorium Chairs

Folding auditorium chair is the most commonly used models in Auditorium halls.

Foldable auditorium chairs are seats designed to allow users to easily pass between rows before or after the event. These seats create additional space by folding after people get up from the seat with the weight mechanism they have.

Folding Auditorium Chairs

Folding auditorium chair is one of the best alternative for your auditorium hall. It is also appreciated by the audience due to its usefulness. The seats used in auditorium seating must have durability that can be used for years. Because when you buy a quality auditorium seat, you may have to order a new one within a few years. For this reason, we recommend that you pay attention to the quality of the auditorium seat during the purchase phase.

Another way to increase the capacity of our auditorium is to reduce seat widths. However, we tell our customers that seats with a width of less than 50 centimeters will not be appreciated by the audience. Everyone wants to have a comfortable seating experience while watching an event or a show.

The best way to use the capacity in auditorium halls is to make good calculations and apply shared armrest seating arrangements.

Auditorium Seating Capacity

Efficient use of capacity in auditorium halls can change the revenues of the auditorium business in the long term. Because calculating the capacity to be less than it should be and adjusting the auditorium seating arrangement accordingly will reduce the company’s profitability. However, profitability can be increased by making careful capacity calculations and utilizing empty spaces. For example, fitting 90 seats into a hall with a capacity of 100 seats means making 10 less profit from each session or show revenue.

Of course, important details such as entrance and exit routes, disabled ramps, and emergency exit doors should never be overlooked when calculating capacity.

There are two methods to increase capacity. The first is to increase the seating width of auditorium seats. The width of an auditorium seat should be at least 50cm. Auditorium chairs with shorter seating will not be preferred by the audience.

Another method is the shared armrest seating arrangement. In this seating arrangement, spectators can share an armrest with the person next to them. Shared armrest seating can allow 12-18% more seats to fit into a hall.

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