What is Congress Seat?

Congress seats are special seats designed and produced for conference halls, meetings, congresses and similar events. Congress seats are designed to ensure that participants sit comfortably and give their full focus to the event.
Convention seating is offered in many different models, from economy congress chairs to luxury congress chairs. Economy chairs usually have plastic covers and armrests, while wooden and upholstered models are often preferred in luxury congress chairs. When choosing seats for congress centers, the features and design of the congress hall should be taken into consideration.

Sakarya University Congress Hall Chairs - Seatorium™'s Auditorium

Sakarya University Congress Hall Chairs – Seatorium™’s  Auditorium Seating Solutions.

What is Seminar Seat?

Seminar seats are the general name of the seats used in seminar seating. As with congress seats, there are many different models of economic or luxury seminar seats. Seminar chairs are generally used in universities, educational institutions and meeting rooms of private companies. While economical seminar chairs have plastic armrests and covers, luxury seminar chairs attract attention with their dense sponge structure and design.

What is Parliament Chair?

The features and designs of Parliament chairs may vary depending on the country, the structure of the parliament building and traditions. In addition to having a gaudy appearance due to its structure, Parliament armchairs are manufactured to offer maximum comfort to users.
Parliament chairs can also be used in VIP conference rooms, auditorium seating. These auditorium chairs with many different names have higher price tags than standard auditorium chairs. The reason for this, as you can guess, is the comfort level and design value.
As auditorium seating manufacturer Seatorium, we have been manufacturing auditorium chairs, congress and parliamentary seating for 20 years. We invite you to a face-to-face or online meeting with Seatorium Auditorium seating experts to learn about the most suitable models for your seating project and customization options for your project.

Congress & Seminar & Parliament Seats Models
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