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In addition to using cinema seat in movie theaters, they can also be used in different places for different purposes. They are also frequently used in some high capacity auditorium halls, stadium seating, conference seating and theater seating.

What makes a cinema seat popular is that it has a cup holder. Models with cup holders create a place for the audience to put their drinks during the movie or event. Cinema chairs are offered in many different models. While standard cinema seats offer an average level of comfort, VIP cinema seats offer a higher level of comfort. It all depends on the needs of your cinema seating project.

Cinema chairs usually have plastic armrest tops. The main point that determines the price is the type and quality of the armrests and the design of the cinema seat. A standard cinema seat offers an average seating width of 50 centimeters to 60 centimeters. These widths can be increased or decreased depending on your movie theater capacity.

These seats, also called cinema chairs, are manufactured using dense sponge. In addition, cinema seats that offer back and neck support are often preferred. As we said at the beginning of our article, this depends entirely on your needs and those of our movie theater.

To increase the capacity of the cinema hall, you can choose cinema chair models with narrower seating. However, sessions shorter than 50 centimeters are not liked by the audience. The narrowest seating width that will please the audience is 52-53 centimeters.

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