Auditorium Seating

Auditorium seating with writing pad is one of the most preferred auditorium seats in universities and conference halls. These seats, which have two different options as plastic and wood, should come out of the arm and have two varieties as folded.

Auditorium seating with writing pad

Auditorium seating with writing pad are special seats that make it easier for the participants to take notes during the activities. Writing tables can be produced in various ways. For example, plastic writing tables for low budgets are the most suitable options, while many conference halls and wooden writing tables are preferred in the university class due to their stylish appearance.

Auditorium chairs with writing table, which are frequently used in classroom seating areas, are produced to facilitate students or listeners to take notes during lessons and presentations and provide additional comfort.

In addition, seminar halls, meeting rooms and amphitheater, which is preferred in places such as Auditorium seats are presented in two different ways: plastic or wood. You can choose from interior assembled (with a table on the arm) and side foldable models. The price of the auditorium seats varies depending on the preferred model. Plastic and side foldable writing tray models are more economical than others.With the years of production experience, you can find the best alternatives for seating projects and conference hall projects with the quality of the Seatorium brand. You can contact us for the sample auditorium seats with tablet arm and ask your questions about your project.

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