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We wanted to prepare an article for our customers who contact us about auditorium seating price. We will give some information about auditorium seating prices and the factors affecting the price.

Auditorium Seating Price

The auditorium seat price is the result of the calculation of a number of different costs. There are various factors such as raw material costs as well as design costs, labor and other additional costs.

For example, you have an auditorium seating project and you want to get a quote for the products. You want to choose the products that fit your budget and then place an order. Here are the general “auditorium seating prices”.

If you are comfortable with a model that consists entirely of plastic covers and armrests, starting prices will usually be around $60. (Models without armrests or with one armrest and no partitions) The determining factor in the price of auditorium seating will be the quantity of the product in question. If you need fewer than 100 auditorium chairs, average prices can go up to $65 due to the cost of the product per unit.

If you are looking for auditorium chairs of a higher standard, you will probably face an average price of between 80 and 100 dollars. Also, the product price can vary according to additional features. So, what are these additional features?

Additional Features

Flame Retardant Fabric Difference

Faux Leather Difference

Non-Shared Arm Difference

Wooden Armrest Difference

Armpit Wooden Cover Difference


These options will change the auditorium seats price tag. Of course, it is worth saying again, prices vary depending on your current auditorium seating project and the features of the product you request. Some products may have wooden armrests and fire-resistant fabric as standard.

If you are going to choose a VIP seat in your conference hall seating project, the average price range may vary between 120 and 200 dollars. VIP auditorium seats are the best alternative for your projects with their designs, functional features and comfort. However, it may not suit every budget.

As Seatorium, the leading auditorium seat manufacturer, we offer the most competitive prices with our project-based pricing strategy. You can contact us for auditorium seat prices and other requests. You can also contact us to get ideas about your project or for your special product requests.

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