Auditorium Seating Manufacturers

Auditorium seating manufacturers are companies that manufacture for auditorium seating and other seating projects. As Seatorium, a leading auditorium seating manufacturer, we will give you information about auditorium seating and some of the techniques used in production.

Auditorium Seats

Auditorium chair manufacturing is a process that requires expertise and hundreds of thousands of dollars of investment. The main cost item for auditorium chair production is the machines and design costs to be used in production. It is necessary to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars from the thought stage of a product until the product is physically usable.

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Auditorium Seating

The reason for this is the purchase of wood, metal and plastic molding machines and the removal of the molds of the auditorium seat to be produced. Any mistake in the production of auditorium seats will affect the whole project badly.

As Seatorium, we are constantly making new investments in our production line.

The production of auditorium seats starts with the seat design. Seat design is determined according to the intended use of the seat.

The auditorium chair design includes the dimensions, colors, materials, accessories and functions of the seat.

After the seat design is completed, the wood or metal materials required for seat frame production are cut, shaped and assembled. The seat frame forms the main structure of the seat and ensures the strength and durability of the seat.

Although manufacturers of auditorium seats apply different production techniques, the most cost-effective method is to have technological machinery. Although high initial investments are required, this is a must for error-free production.

Last Stage

At the last stage, sponge and fabric are sewn. After the final assembly, the product is ready for use. Auditorium seat manufacturers can use many different methods. The main purpose is to manufacture seats with durable, comfortable and stylish designs. As Seatorium, a leading manufacturer of auditorium chairs, we are constantly investing in our production line.

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