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Auditorium chairs with arms are the seats used in all auditorium halls. Thanks to armrests, spectators or participants have a place to rest their arms throughout the event. This increases the comfort level of the audience. Additionally, auditorium chairs with arms are something that affects the design of the auditorium hall. Because armrests can be in many different designs. Auditorium seats with wooden armrests are generally used in auditorium halls, theaters and cinema halls. Auditorium seats with wooden armrests are appreciated by the audience with their natural appearance.

Auditorium Chairs With Arms

Another version of auditorium seats with arms is the ones with plastic armrests. Plastic is a frequently preferred raw material due to its easy shapeability and affordable price. Plastic is also frequently used in auditorium seats. The top of the armrests can also be produced fully upholstered if desired. So in summary, when you choose an auditorium seat that suits the design of your auditorium hall, you can customize the design of the armrests.

If you are aware of how important design is in auditorium seating projects, you know that the design of armrests is also important. Although wooden armrests are always the most preferred, upholstered armrests are also frequently preferred in European countries.

Auditorium chairs with arms may cause a reduction in the capacity of your venue, meaning fewer seats can fit. However, in today’s world, audiences care about comfort. For this reason, models without armrests are no longer preferred as much as they used to be. Models without armrests are used only in university halls and education areas.

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