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Many of our customers contact us about auditorium chairs price list. Auditorium seat prices vary depending on many factors. Many issues such as product quality, durability, optional features directly affect the price. In this article, we will give some information about auditorium chair prices and the factors affecting the price.


Auditorium Chairs Price List

Auditorium chairs price list is often wondered when looking for the right product for auditorium seating projects. Just as each company’s pricing policy is different, there may be differences in production costs and product quality. Despite this, reaching the most competitive prices for an auditorium seating project is possible as a result of detailed research.

Auditorium seat price is the result of calculating many different costs. In addition to raw material costs, there are many different costs such as design costs, labor and other additional costs.

Before accessing a price list, you must have made all the calculations for your seating project. You need to determine details such as auditorium seat dimensions, fabric properties, cup holder or writing pad requirement, and auditorium seat design in advance. If you have determined these details, we will give you some information about the auditorium seats price list.

Auditorium Chairs Price

If a model consisting entirely of plastic covers and armrests is enough for you, you will find prices starting from $60 on average. (Models without armrests or with single armrests, without partitions) What determines the price of lounge chairs is the number of the product in question. If you need fewer than 100 auditorium seats, average prices can go up to $65 due to product cost per unit. Of course, models with high quality design and product materials (for example, cinema seats) are offered at higher prices. On average, the price of a cinema seat with plastic armrests and plastic covers is between $75 and $100.

If you are looking for models with design value and fire-resistant fabric, the average prices you will encounter may be between $90-100. It is worth noting that the amount of product you request, optional features, and whether the model in question is a special production product or a mass production product are the most important factors in determining the price. If you are looking for the most affordable auditorium seats, you should choose mass-produced seats with plastic armrests and covers.

Additionally, the product price may vary depending on additional features. So what are these additional features?

Flame Retardant Fabric Difference

Faux Leather Difference

Non-Shared Arm Difference

Wooden Armrest Difference

Under-seat Wooden Cover Difference


These additional features are the most important things that affect the auditorium seat price list. Since wood is generally a more expensive raw material than plastic, it directly affects the price. If you want to save budget for your auditorium hall seating project, you should adopt the shared armrest seating arrangement, not the non-shared armrest.

If you are going to choose a VIP seat in your auditorium hall seating project, the average price range may vary between 120 and 200 dollars. VIP auditorium seats are the best alternative for your projects with their designs, functional features and comfort. However, it may not suit every budget.

As Seatorium, the leading auditorium seat manufacturer, we offer the most competitive prices with our project-based pricing strategy. You can contact us for auditorium seat price lists and other requests. You can also contact us to get ideas about your project or for your special product requests.

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