Auditorium Chair Covers

Auditorium chair covers are the most important material affecting the design of an auditorium seat. Auditorium chair covers can be used to prevent seats from getting dirty, to increase brand value, and to strengthen the design of the hall. However, in this article, as an auditorium seat manufacturer, we will talk about the covers on the back and bottom of the seat, not the fabric covers.

One of the most important details affecting the design of an auditorium seat is that the back of the seat and the cover under the seat are important because folding auditorium seats are generally used in auditorium halls and the bottom part is visible when no one is sitting on the seat.

The back of the auditorium seats has three different models of auditorium covers. These are plastic covers, wooden covers and upholstered covers.

Auditorium Chair Covers

Plastic auditorium chair covers are the cheapest alternatives compared to others. In addition, since plastic is an easily processable material, many different designed plastic covers can be chosen. However, plastic may not be suitable for every living room. Plastic is not preferred much in high budget and premium auditoriums.

However, due to the affordable price of plastic and its design diversity, we can say that it is generally the most preferred auditorium seat cover for auditorium seating projects with low budgets. As Seatorium, a leading auditorium seat manufacturer, we manufacture plastic covers in many different designs.

The other most preferred auditorium seat covers are those made of wood. Wood is appreciated by the audience due to its natural appearance. Wooden auditorium chair covers are generally preferred in all modern and classical theater halls. Auditorium seats with wooden covers are slightly more expensive than plastic ones. The reason for this is that wood is a more expensive raw material and the production process of wood is longer and more laborious than plastic.

Upholstered auditorium seat covers can be used in all auditorium halls. Thanks to the upholstered covers, the auditorium seat will appear as a whole.

As Seatorium, the leading auditorium seating manufacturer, we offer the most suitable alternatives for all your auditorium seating projects. We are confident that we will offer you the most suitable seat for your seating project with our wide product range and customizable product options. You can contact us to get more detailed information on many issues such as auditorium seat prices, auditorium seat cover prices.

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