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Wooden theater chairs are the best alternatives for classical and natural-looking theater halls. Wood gives people peace of mind, so it is the most loved material by the audience.

Wooden Theater Chairs

Theater seats are offered in many different models. Plastic theater seats, which are an affordable alternative, are an ideal choice for budgets that are not high. Because plastic is not only an affordable raw material, but also a material that can be easily shaped. After making the necessary adjustments, molding machines can produce many plastic covers and plastic armrests in a short time.

However, the woodworking process takes a little more time. Stages such as cutting, sanding and painting wood require approximately 2-3 times the time of plastic. The main reason why wooden theater seats have higher prices than plastic ones is thus their manufacturing process.

One of the reasons why wooden theater seats are loved by the audience is their smell. These seats, which are not very intense but have a natural scent, give the theater hall a forest atmosphere. In this naturalness and ambiance, theater performances can be much more meaningful.

Wooden theater chairs used in theater seating maintain their durability for a long time when their maintenance is done on time and adequately. We can say that the only advantage of wooden theater chair is that they are not as fire resistant as metal. However, this risk can be easily overcome with various dyes and other chemicals.

Wooden Theater Seat Prices

Theater seat prices vary depending on the model preferred and the features of the product. Specially produced products have high price tags. This is because production costs per unit are high.

If you are looking for affordable theater seats, we recommend you take a look at mass production theater seat models. In this way, costs per unit will decrease and you can save your budget. Although the color options do not change the prices, the wooden armrest, customization, premium fabric options and changing the dimensions of the theater seat will increase the price.

In general, wooden theater seat prices range from 80 to 200 dollars. Factors affecting this price are the quantity of product requested, product features and customization options.

Avoiding mistakes when purchasing wooden theater chairs for sale will save you time and preserve the value of your investment. Making choices based solely on price can lead to dissatisfaction in the long run. When looking for commercial theater seats, choosing the appropriate manufacturer is very important for quality and long-term cooperation. You should be aware that durability in theater seating means savings for you in the long run

As leading auditorium seating manufacturer Seatorium, we are happy to offer the best alternatives for all your theater seating projects. You can contact us for your theater seat prices, wooden or plastic theater seats requests that you need for your theatre seating project.

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