Bleacher Seating

Movable theater seating is a type of seating that adapts to many different types of venues, from arenas to university sports and event venues, from concert venues to multi-purpose halls. What makes this seating arrangement attractive is that it can quickly create additional space for different events in the same venue.

The seats used in movable theater seating can be called by many different names. For example, the seats used in arena halls may have different names such as tribune seats, bleachers. To avoid creating confusion, you first need to ask yourself this question. Which option is best for my project?

Plastic bleacher seats are the best choices for arena venues. Additionally, among other retractable seats, the most affordable ones are plastic bleachers. You can also take a look at models such as tribune seats with armrests and tribune seats with cup holders to increase the comfort level.

If you want to increase the comfort level, you should choose upholstered seats, that is, seats with a spongy structure. In addition, seats that are suitable for a movable theater seating mechanism, that is, have a foldable backrest, will be the best alternatives for you. In this way, you will not only make the best use of your space but also offer maximum comfort to the participants.

As Seatorium, a leading stadium and retractable seating manufacturer, we offer our customers the most suitable alternatives for all retractable theater seating, arena and stadium seating projects. You can contact us to join the hundreds of projects we have completed so far with our competitive pricing policy and customer support from the first stage to the last stage.

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