Indoor Seating

Gym seats are a type of bleachers used in gymnasiums, high school and school gyms, arenas and all indoor seating. These bleacher seat models, also called gym chairs, are frequently preferred because they not only offer the audience a pleasant sitting experience during the event or sports competition, but also have affordable prices.

Gym Seats

Gyms are multi-purpose halls where sports competitions, athletics, school or institutional events can be held. Even a small concert and a basketball match can be organized on the same day. The importance of the seats used in gyms is to offer the best seating experience even for different activities.

Gym seats (also called bleachers) come in many different models. In addition to models with or without armrests, backrests may not even be preferred in bleachers used in high schools and schools. This choice depends entirely on the decision makers of the gymnasium, the school gym.

Gym chairs are made of plastic, so they have competitive prices and can last for years even with intensive use. This is due to the density and quality of the plastic. Low quality gym chairs can often break. That’s why it is necessary to work with bleacher manufacturers who are experts in their field.

As Seatorium, the leading gym chair and bleachers manufacturer, we are proud to offer the best alternatives for all your indoor and outdoor projects. In addition to your school and gym projects, we recommend that you also examine our bleacher seat models that we offer for pool areas, ceremony areas, arenas and stadiums. You can contact us to get detailed information.

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