Bleacher Seating

Fixed stadium seating refers to seats that are not planned to be dismantled after assembly and are not capable of movement. The reason why fixed seating, which is the most commonly used seating type in stadiums, is preferred is that it is durable for many years and is also resistant to any vandalism.

Fixed Seating

Choosing the best alternative for fixed stadium seating projects is an important issue in the long term. Because any change of decision or subsequent renewal of the entire seats and therefore dismantling the products may damage the chairs. Therefore, it would be wise to do detailed research and make calculations when determining stadium seating arrangements and capacity.

Seats used in stadium fixed seating can be called bleachers, tribune seats or shell seats. In order to increase the comfort level of the spectators and fans, stadium fixed seats models with armrests, cup holder models or upholstered models can be preferred. While models without armrests can generally be preferred in some parts of the stadiums, VIP stadium seating can be preferred in some areas.

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