Fixed Auditorium Seating

Fixed auditorium seating is called seats that cannot be disassembled after installation and are not movable. The seats used in fixed auditorium seating are more durable than others.

Fixed Auditorium Seating

For fixed auditorium seating project owners, choosing the right seat is critical. Because disassembling the products after any decision change can damage the products.For this reason, you should make detailed research and calculations when determining the seating arrangement and capacity of the auditorium seating.

When purchasing a fixed auditorium chair, high quantity demands reduce the cost per unit of auditorium chairs produced (Of course, this rule may not be valid for every model). Low prices in high quantity demands create a price advantage for auditorium hall owners.

Capacity calculations in fixed seating projects are critical for a successful arrangement. The structure of the floor where the seats will be installed should be decided in advance. In some auditorium seating projects, wooden material is placed on metal and the seats are mounted on this wooden floor. The critical point here is to provide the slope.

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Auditorium Seating

Some fixed auditorium seats use a stepped hall layout, while others use both steps and sloping floors. For this reason, the legs of the fixed auditorium chairs should be manufactured in accordance with this slope. Auditorium seats that are likely to be used later or planned to be renewed in a few years should only be used by assembling the legs. In addition, if the floor is concrete, it would be a good option to use screws suitable for concrete or to renew the concrete later.

Fixed Auditorium Seating

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