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In addition to being used in many different sports activities, bleachers seats are also frequently used in concerts and other mass organizations. What makes these chairs special is that they offer an organized and comfortable seating arrangement to the audience at events with crowded attendance.

Bleachers Seats

Bleachers play an important role in bringing sports fans together. These chairs, which can have different colors and designs with special manufacturing, also adapt to the design and atmosphere of the stadium. With their durable structures, they are produced within the framework of high quality standards in order to be used for years despite intensive use.

Plastic bleachers seats are the best choice for arena venues. In addition, the most affordable among folding seats are plastic bleachers. To increase the comfort level, you can also take a look at models such as bleacher seats with armrests and bleacher seats with cup holders.

As Seatorium, we manufacture commercial bleacher seats in European standards. We exported our stadium seats to 57 countries, which have many certificates of conformity. What makes Seatorium special among stadium seating suppliers is that it offers seating solutions at competitive prices without compromising product quality.

We are always with our customers in all processes from the planning stage to after-sales support. We offer our indoor bleachers and arena seats, which we apply all tests such as flammability tests, UV tests, durability tests, to our customers with our competitive price policy. Please contact our team for more information and reference projects.

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