Auditoriums are the general name of indoor venues where conferences, performing arts such as theater and cinema, concerts and events are organized. Auditorium seats are a type of furniture used in auditorium halls and allow users to have a comfortable seating experience during the event. For this reason,  the right auditorium seat selection is an important decision for both your project and your business.

Auditoriums usually have a capacity to accommodate a large audience. We can say that auditorium seats have a critical importance both in terms of their design and the additional comfort they provide. Some of the benefits of auditorium seats are as follows:

Ergonomics: Ergonomically designed auditorium seats protect the physical comfort and therefore the health of the audience during the event.

Kocaeli Sabancı Cultural Center Chairs - Seatorium™'s Auditorium

Kocaeli Sabancı Cultural Center Chairs – Seatorium™’s Auditorium

Comfort: Comfortable seats always attract the attention of the audience. Not feeling any body pain even during long events is an important criterion for both the audience and the organization. Comfortable auditorium seats increase audience commitment and loyalty to the hall.

Aesthetics and Design: All auditorium halls have a special design. Choosing a seat that matches the design of the entire hall is appreciated by the audience and increases the prestige of the hall.

Functionality: Auditorium seats can be presented in many different forms. For example, seats with cup holders are preferred in movie theaters. In theater halls, theater seats with curved wooden armrests are preferred. In auditorium stadiums, sometimes there is not even a backrest to increase capacity. It all depends on the functional characteristics of the auditorium seats and the needs of the auditorium hall.

Capacity planning: For make a good auditorium seat selection, you first need to calculate the capacity of our auditorium hall. Also, will you manage a seating project with a shared armrest arrangement or will you focus on increasing the comfort of the audience even more by leaving some space between the seats?

How to Make a Good Auditorium Seat Selection?

Your favorite model may not be the best alternative for your current project. As Seatorium, the leading auditorium seating manufacturer, we offer customization in terms of dimensions and colors of many of our models.

Now you know the general features and benefits of auditorium chairs. So how to choose the right auditorium chair?

First of all, calculate all the hall dimensions for your current project. And then review your budget for your project. Calculate all possible expenses other than the price of the auditorium seat according to the budget you have allocated and subtract these expenses from your budget.

It may sound simple, but many project owners may end up choosing the wrong seat or having to increase the budget because they do not take into account customs, taxes and additional fees.

When you divide the budget net of other expenses by the number of seats you need, you will find your target price per seat.

For example, you have done all the calculations and your budget per seat is $130. When searching for products, models between $130 and $100 will be good alternatives for you. Reducing the budget per auditorium seat and going for less quality options can reduce the prestige of our hall. In short, you will not have analyzed well what kind of seats are needed for what kind of project.

If your current project is a movie theater project, cinema seats with cup holders are a good alternative for you. In this way, moviegoers can enjoy their drinks while watching the movie. You can examine our Seatorium cinema seats models.

As a result of your research on the internet, take note of the designs you like and compare the products with each other. Ask the manufacturers of auditorium chairs for different color options and product dimensions. You can learn all the dimensions of Seatorium products from our product pages.

Now you have all the details. You know that the dimensions of the auditorium armchair you plan to buy are suitable for your project. You have decided that the design of the chair is a great option for your hall and you have also learned the production time of the product. If you have time, visit the manufacturer’s factory. If you don’t have time, ask for a sample of the product you like or ask them to send you the color chart. This way you will understand and see the colors that look brighter than phones and even computers but are actually duller.

If everything is OK and you are ready to order, check all the details again and start production.

With years of production experience in the auditorium sector, Seatorium auditorium seats lead the sector. You can contact us for your theater seating, cinema seating and auditorium seating projects.