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Auditorium retractable seating is a type of seating that is frequently used not only in venues with limited space but also in many auditorium halls. Auditorium retractable seating systems, which can transform an auditorium into a concert or event space in a very short time thanks to the mechanism they have, are frequently preferred due to the additional space they provide.

Auditorium retractable seating

Auditorium retractable seats should be manufactured in accordance with the working principle of the mechanism. If models with backrests are preferred, it is important that the backrests are foldable. Of course, there are many different seating arrangements with retractable mechanisms. For example, different types of seats can be preferred in this seating arrangement, which is generally used in arenas and university sports and event areas. For example, in arenas, seats made of plastic called bleachers are preferred and fixed to the mechanism with the help of screws. However, auditorium seats with foldable backrests are preferred in theater and auditorium halls.

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