Outdoor Bleacher Seating

Outdoor bleacher seating, also known as tribune seats, is a type of seating system that allows the field or stage to be viewed from the best angles.

Bleacher Chairs

The seats used in this seating, where a stepped or inclined seating arrangement is preferred, are called outdoor bleacher chairs.

Outdoor bleacher seating is frequently used in arenas, sports competition venues and amphitheatres, as well as stadiums. It is also used for concerts and other events that appeal to large audiences. The reasons why it has such a wide usage area is its durability and resistance to harsh weather conditions.

Many different chairs can be used in outdoor stadium seating. Bleacher chairs, which are generally produced from plastic raw materials, are therefore very durable. Since they are plastic, they easily adapt to the ambiance of the stadium with a wide range of color options.

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Bleacher Seating

Among the outdoor bleacher chair types, it is not difficult to choose the model that best suits your stadium or hall. In general, the types are as follows. Bleacher chair with arms, bleacher chair with back support and bleacher chair with no arms or back support. Of course, they can all be used at once in a stadium or event area. There are also outdoor bleacher chairs with cup holders.

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