Fixed Auditorium Seating

Fixed seating is the most commonly used seating type in auditorium halls, theaters and movie theaters, and arena and stadiums. In this type of seating, the seats do not have the ability to move. In other words, they do not have an electrical mechanism like retractable seats.

The reason why fixed seating is so preferred is that durability reaches its maximum level in this seating arrangement. Because auditorium seats are mounted on concrete, wooden or metal floors with the help of screws.

The legs of the seats used for auditorium fixed seating are mostly metal. The reason why metal is preferred is its durability and usability for many years. Additionally, we can say that seats assembled entirely with metal are much more efficient in terms of shaking or shaking. This is why fixed seats are one of the most frequently preferred models.

When purchasing a fixed auditorium chair, high quantity demands reduce the cost per unit of auditorium chairs produced (Of course, this rule may not be valid for every model). Low prices in high quantity demands create a price advantage for auditorium hall owners.

Capacity calculations in fixed seating projects are critical for a successful arrangement. The structure of the floor where the seats will be installed should be decided in advance. In some auditorium seating projects, wooden material is placed on metal and the seats are mounted on this wooden floor. The critical point here is to provide the slope.

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