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Cinema Seating Series

Seatorium cinema seating series offer the best alternatives for cinema seating projects with their stylish designs and durability.

Seatorium VIP cinema seats, in addition to offering the highest level of comfort, are the best alternatives for VIP movie theaters & cinema halls with their stylish cup holders and wide seating sizes.

We have been taking into consideration the demands of our customers since the first day we started manufacturing cinema hall seats. As a result of our R&D studies that have been ongoing for many years, we offer our cinema seat models needed for premium cinema and auditorium hall projects to our customers.

With their simple and stylish designs, our VIP auditorium seats can be easily used not only in movie theaters, but also in VIP conference halls, stadiums, meeting halls and multi-purpose halls.

With the customization options we offer, we are sure that we can offer you a product that will meet all your needs for your project!

Our standard cinema seat models are designed to be suitable for use for many years with their stylish designs and durability. With many different armrest and cup holder types, you can visit our product pages or contact us to find the most suitable products for traditional or modern movie theater projects.

Our classic cinema chair models attract attention with their competitive prices and classic designs. Seatorium classic cinema chairs, which are a great alternative for high-volume projects, are offered in many color and fabric options.

You can contact us to learn the most suitable alternatives for your project and request a price for your cinema chair for sale requests.