Cinema Room Chairs

Cinema room chairs are chairs suitable for use in other places as well as the cinema hall.

Cinema room chairs attract attention with their stylish designs and comfort. What makes these chairs special is that they not only offer a comfortable seating experience to the audience during the movie, but also have an extra space to put drinks during the movie, as they have a cup holder.

Like other cinema seats, cinema room seats usually have a red color. Red is still the most popular color for cinema seats due to the attractiveness of the color red and its historical use in auditoriums since the Middle Ages.

Cinema Seats

Cinema seats can be offered in many different models. Standard cinema seats have plastic armrests and are the most affordable alternatives. If you want to increase your comfort level and have more durable products, you may need to increase your budget a little. Standard theater room chairs cost between $60-$80, while higher-end ones start at $100.

The price of a cinema chair is determined by both the quality of the product and its design. If you determine your needs for a cinema seating project in advance, you will have an easier purchasing process. In addition, the cinema chair design must be suitable for your cinema hall or cinema room.

Cinema seats are manufactured using dense sponge, and some models also have back and neck support. There are some methods to increase the capacity of our cinema hall. The most preferred of these are cinema seats with shared armrest seating and narrower seating.

If you do not want to give up your comfort, we do not recommend you to choose cinema theatre chairs with narrow seating. As a leading auditorium and cinema seating manufacturer, Seatorium, we can customize our products for your commercial cinema seating projects.

Cinema Theatre Chairs

Cinema theatre chairs can have many color options as well as fabrics with different properties. Fire-resistant fabrics are preferred in commercial movie theaters. This can result in a price difference of $5-6 per product.

As Seatorium, a leading auditorium and cinema chairs manufacturer, we offer the most suitable products for your cinema seating projects. In addition to high product quality, we offer many customization options on cinema room seats. Contact us for more details and cinema seat prices.

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