Bleacher Seats

Bleacher seats are a type of seating often used in sports stadiums and outdoor event venues. These seats are great options for medium and high capacity events with their simple and stylish appearance. We can say that the reason for this is that it is both affordable and offers the audience a pleasant seating experience throughout the event.

Bleacher seats, which are made of inherently durable materials, derive their durability from both material quality and installation technique. A bleacher seat is usually installed on concrete or wood flooring. Thanks to their easy assembly, they can be quickly assembled and ready for use even in huge stadiums.

You may have come across bleacher seats in your town’s stadium, your university’s event hall, or the giant stadium hosting the country’s biggest derby. Stadium bleacher seats add color to the environment they are in and contribute to the atmosphere of the event.

Bleacher chairs can be offered in many different features. The most preferred models are bleacher seats with back support and beacher seats with arms. Bleacher seats with back support are models with a backrest for the audience to lean on. Bleacher chairs with arms are models that have an armrest where the audience can rest their arms. As Seatorium, we manufacture all types of bleacher chairs.

These seats, also called bleacher chairs, are generally made of plastic raw materials. Plastic is known for being affordable and offers a budget-friendly option for bleacher seating without sacrificing quality. Additionally, plastic allows for a wide range of color options, allowing bleacher chairs to be customized to the design of the stadium or event venue.

Stadium bleacher seats are frequently used in arena and multi-purpose hall seating as well as stadium seating. Retractable bleacher seating is often preferred in university halls to increase space efficiency. In this way, additional space is created for different activities.

As Seatorium, Turkey’s leading bleacher seat and stadium seating manufacturer, we offer the best alternatives for all your bleacher seating projects. You can find our bleacher chair and stadium bleacher chair models suitable for general use for your project on our product page. You can contact us for more detailed information and price requests.

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