Auditorium Seating

Auditorium seating height is a detail that needs to be calculated for each audience to see the scene from the best angles. The height of the auditorium is directly proportional to the height of the auditorium seats. The slope of the hall, the floor, directly affects the height of the auditorium seats. Not only by calculating the empty hall, but also when the audience sits on the chair, the head distance must be calculated. When detailed calculations are made, an audience seating in the front seat with someone seating in the back seat can see the scene from the best angle.

What is the auditorium seating?

Auditorium seating is the calculation of the seating order required for all spectators and participants to watch the stage or the show from the best angles, the selection of the correct auditorium seats, and all the details that will provide the best benefit for both the audience and the business. Optimum benefit for a auditorium seating project, but it is possible with the correct auditorium hall capacity calculations and the selection of the right auditorium seat.

Auditorium seating height

The auditorium seating height varies between 90 centimeters and 110 centimeters. Of course, as we mentioned before, the slope of the hall must be taken into account. As the manufacturer of leading auditorium seats, we are proud to offer you the best alternatives for your theater and all your auditorium seating projects with our wide range of products and customizable product features options. Because we know that the success of the project depends on the joint work of the manufacturer and the project owner. When all the details are taken into account and in this way, the risk of error in the project is reduced to zero. You can contact us to get more details on issues such as auditorium seat prices, height of auditorium seating.

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