Auditorium Seats Size

Auditorium seat size is the most important detail to consider after determining the capacity of an auditorium hall.

Auditorium seat size is a detail that needs to be known to determine how many seats will fit into the calculated capacity. Because in a project where auditorium seating dimensions are well calculated, how many auditorium seats will be purchased and what the dimensions of these seats will be are determined, and a problem-free project will be implemented.

Auditorium Seat Size

The most important thing in the size of an auditorium seat is the width of the seat, also the width measurement from armrest to armrest should be taken into account. If the seat height and seat depth measurements are suitable for your project, the most important detail that determines how many seats will fit in your auditorium hall is the width of the seat and therefore the row in question.

If we want to explain it in more detail with an example, let’s say 10 auditorium seats (in shared armrest arrangement) are placed in a row. And let’s assume the seat width is 60 cm. If 60 cm offers a slightly wider seating area for the audience, seating widths can be reduced to increase the capacity of the hall. For example, if 55 cm wide seats are preferred instead of 60 cm, 11 auditorium seats will fit in one row instead of 10. This means that the auditorium hall capacity increases by 10%.

When designing an ideal auditorium, the auditorium plan should be prepared in detail. Careful consideration of the dimensions of an auditorium must ensure a balance between ample space and privacy. The auditorium style seating arrangement calculated according to these dimensions will be beneficial for both the audience and the auditorium management.

Since auditorium halls are, in a sense, commercial enterprises, increasing the number of seats will also affect the profitability of the enterprises. You can increase the capacity of the auditorium hall by simply reducing the seating width of the auditorium seats, without reducing the comfort level of the audience and without creating a very cramped seating arrangement.

Auditorium Seat Height

Another thing to consider when it comes to auditorium seat size is the height of the seats. For example, an auditorium chair with a height of 1 meter may seem like a good option. However, if the audience sitting in the back rows cannot see the stage easily, there is a problem. Therefore, the hall slope or step height should be calculated in advance and models suitable for this height should be selected when purchasing auditorium seats.

The seating arrangement to be made in line with the auditorium floor plan will proceed without any problems if the auditorium seat dimensions are taken into consideration. When auditorium seating dimensions are determined in advance, it will be easier to find the right product. As Seatorium, the leading auditorium seat manufacturer, we produce products that fit the dimensions you need for all your auditorium seating projects. We are ready to help with a hassle-free project with our customizable size, color and special options.

The narrowest acceptable seat for auditorium seat size is 50 centimeters. Sessions below 50 centimeters will not be liked by the audience. because narrow seating will reduce the comfort level of the audience.

As Seatorium, the leading auditorium seating manufacturer, we offer the most suitable alternatives for all your auditorium and commercial seating projects. You can contact us to get more detailed information on subjects such as auditorium seat prices, commercial auditorium seats, auditorium chair size.

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