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Auditorium fixed seating is the most commonly used seating arrangement in Auditorium halls. In this seating arrangement, the seats are fixed to the floor with screws. Thus, their durability is also increased. After making the capacity calculation for your auditorium hall, you can start researching auditorium seats. You should make sure that the auditorium seats you purchase are suitable for auditorium fixed seating.

The slope of the floor is important in auditorium fixed seating. If you have a stepped auditorium floor, auditorium seat dimensions should also be appropriate. In addition, concrete floors are generally the most preferred method. If you want to increase durability and minimize shaking, you can assemble auditorium seats with screws on metal.

What affects auditorium fixed seats prices?

Auditorium fixed seats prices may vary depending on many different reasons. First of all, the design of the seats, their durability, and the optional features offered can change the prices of these seats. If the seats you will use for Auditorium seating will have plastic armrests and plastic covers, you can think that the average prices start from $60. In addition to optional options such as wooden armrests, artificial leather, fireproof fabric, options such as cup holders and writing pads may also increase prices. Higher comfort and more stylish models start from $100 on average.

You can contact us to get ideas about your auditorium fixed seating projects. As Seatorium, the leading auditorium seating manufacturer, we offer the most stylish and economical solutions for all your seating projects. Contact us to learn more details about auditorium seat prices, auditorium seating arrangements, etc.

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