There are numerous things which need detailed planning and attention when constructing a cinema hall or a home cinema. The basic requirement for an excellent cinema experience include best quality screen, an amazing sound system and excellent cinema seating to provide the most comfortable movie watching experience. Cinema seats have been around for a long time. The options available for persons setting home cinemas’ too have increased drastically over the past few years.

Recliner chairs

A big mistake that people often make while picking out a cinema for their home theatre is choosing a big recliner chair. These chairs are similar to the ones which were used by Chandler and Joey in their television show Friends. The problem in using these chairs is their mass and volume. In case you want seating for more than two people, these chairs do not allow that since each piece of such chairs require a large space. Another factor which goes against these chairs is their steep cost. Each chair can cost more than 1000 pounds thus making them a very expensive option for cinema seating.


Another option generally considered for home cinema seating is usage of ordinary chairs and settees, which are often found in home lounges. The problem with the use of these chairs is that they are not able to give the room the feel of a theatre. In fact using these chairs makes the room look like any other ordinary room with the only difference of this room not having any windows. Just like recliner the size is an issue with these chairs as well. The shape and size of these settees do not allow complete utilization of the room’s entire space, thus fitting in a very limited number of seats. With limited seating it becomes difficult to invite the entire family over to watch a movie or call over friends for an important game as you do not want half of your family and friends to end up sitting on the floor while watching the shows.

Regional cinema seats – These are a good option for installing them in your home cinema. They are easily available now days and are compact in size. The manufacturers of these seats provide free installation services. These professional make the best use of the space in your room and install maximum number of seats in the room without making it look cluttered. These chairs are pretty comfortable and stylish as they were designed for the purpose of cinema seating only. They are also quite economical and buying them can help you save a lot of money. There are factory outlets where there leftover seats from an order of some big multiplex or cinema hall can be purchased for dirt prices. With the help of these chairs one can easily set up a perfect home cinema with seating for ten to fifteen persons without having to spend a large sum of money.

To find these types of seating one can visit the internet. These days there are many Turkish suppliers which provide the choice to the purchaser to buy cinema seatings at very reasonable rates.