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Seatorium© offers a wide range of seating solutions for Religious Centers, Clinics & Hospitals, Hotels & Conventions, Ferries & Cruise Ships, Universities & Schools, Airports & Stations, Movie Theaters & Cinemas, Lecture Theaters, Sport Stadiums, Multipurpose Macro-spaces, Parliament Buildings, Concert Halls & Auditoriums, Convention Centers, Conference Rooms & Multipurpose Spaces. Since 2005, in our 10.000 square meters manufacturing plant located in Bursa-Turkey, we have been producing millions of chairs for prestigious customers all over the world. We have exported over 57 countries and expanding our market share through globe. Contact us to get a special 1-day quotation for your auditorium projects. If you need special requirements and specifications for your projects, contact our professional architects or sales department and we will call you back for a free consultation service for custom-made products.